Downtown Music Publishing offers a complete line of publishing and rights management solutions for songwriters and catalog owners, film and television production companies, digital media outlets and selected boutique publishers. To learn more about our services, please select from the above categories.

With roots in traditional music publishing, we still firmly believe in the mantra of great song + great marketing = success.

While the music business has undergone radical changes in recent past, we work closely with our songwriters to insure that their publishing royalties are derived from an increasingly diverse set of revenue streams. Through the unprecedented personal attention our writers receive, we are able to identify unique licensing opportunities across a broad range of media. From Billboard #1s to hidden gems found on working tapes, our goal is to promote every great song in the catalog.

Recognizing that sync licensing is one of the more lucrative areas for songwriters, DMP has established a dedicated sync licensing agency, Downtown Music Services (dms.FM), to super-serve the needs of the community. Our efforts in this area have been touted by Variety, Billboard and a number of other press outlets as one of the most pro-active and prolific in the business.

For songwriters and writer/producers, our Writer Relations team arranges co-writing opportunities in major songwriting centers including New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Nashville, London, Paris, Stockholm and Tokyo. Beyond writing with popular recording artists, we offer our songwriters the opportunity to craft original works for a variety of film, television, advertising and video game productions. Of course, as a division of Downtown Music, we frequently promote collaborations with our affiliated labels and digital businesses.

We also offer marketing and promotional services, including publicity services, to writers and catalog owners interested in sharing their stories with a broader audience.

Advances in technology have created significant efficiencies and a great deal of transparency in a once muddled area of music publishing. However, with an increasing number of revenue sources, evolving licensing terms and antiquated collection society systems, the need for vigilant and meticulous administration is greater than ever.

Incorporating proprietary licensing systems with industry standard applications, Downtown Music Publishing’s team of copyright and royalty experts are able to provide a comprehensive administration solution for catalogs of all sizes.

With an extremely favorable song to staff ratio, open lines of internal communication and excellent relationships across major pay-sources, our administration department is capable of expediting the licensing process and drastically reducing payment delays by upwards of nine months.

Globally, our network of foreign subsidiaries and local sub-publishing affiliates offer a custom tailored administration solution. With direct memberships to the major Anglo-collection societies, Downtown Music Publishing offers expedited collection services covering over 95% of the English language music market.

Downtown Music Publishing offers a custom tailored global publishing solution. Our direct society memberships, network of foreign subsidiaries and local sub-publishing affiliates are enhanced by a range of song pluggers, sync consultants and marketing agencies. This unique infrastructure offers our clients transparent administration, expedited royalty collection and active copyright exploitation in all major music markets.

Downtown Music Services (dms.FM), a wholly-owned division of Downtown Music Publishing, is the world’s preeminent sync licensing administration, strategic marketing and branding agency. In addition to the DMP song catalog, dms.FM represents numerous independent record labels, artists and content owners, connecting premium independent music with film and television, commercial advertising, video game and online communities.

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