Scot Sax

Scot Sax is an ASCAP award winning songwriter, beginning his career in 1995 when he formed pop-rock band Wanderlust, who were subsequently signed to RCA Records. The first single I Walked, written by Scott, went to #1 on rock stations around the country. In 1999 His song I Am The Summertime was featured in the Summer blockbuster American Pie. Like We Never Loved At All, a song co-written by Scot, was performed by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw and went to the top of the charts worldwide, while also winning a Grammy.
Scot then discovered artist Sharon Little who was later signed to CBS Records. The two wrote and performed a number of songs together that have received a large number of sync usages, including the theme song to A&E TV’s The Cleaner, Follow That Sound. Most recently Sax has worked with Matt White, while developing an array of emerging artists.