Trevor Horn

Trevor Horn is an English pop music record producer, songwriter and musician.
Horn has produced commercially successful songs and albums for numerous British and international artists. He is the recipient of three BRIT Awards, won a Grammy in 1995 for co-writing “Kiss From a Rose” with Seal, and has had chart success with his own bands the Buggles, Yes and Art of Noise.

Trevor Horn’s songwriting credits date back to 1979 when he co-wrote “Baby Blue” for Dusty Springfield. Trevor also co-wrote all The Buggles’ hits, including “Video Killed the Radio Star,” which was released in 1979, reached No 1 on the UK charts, and was the first music video to be played on MTV. He co-wrote all of the 1980 Yes album, Drama, contributing their biggest hit, “Owner of a Lonely Heart” and the dance hit “Leave It.”

He achieved his greatest commercial success in 1984, with the Liverpudlian band Frankie Goes to Hollywood. He also co-wrote several classic hits that same year with the Art of Noise including “Close (To The Edit)”, “Beat Box” – two of the most sampled songs in history – and “Moments in Love”. The following year, he co-wrote Grace Jones’ “Slave To The Rhythm.” In 1992, Horn collaborated with composer Hans Zimmer to produce the score for the movie Toys starring Robin Williams, and in 2000 Horn provided additional production on three international hits for t.A.T.u, “All the Things She Said”, “Not Gonna Get Us”, and “Clowns (Can You See Me Now)”.

Horn is credited with “Pass The Flame” (the official 2004 Olympic song), and has produced for a vast catalogue of artists including Grace Jones, Seal, Paul McCartney, Tom Jones, Tina Turner, Pet Shop Boys, LeAnn Rimes, t.A.T.u., and Belle & Sebastian. Trevor is the founder of Perfect Songs music publishing company, and is currently working on upcoming albums from Kid Harpoon and Robbie Williams.