Yoko Ono & Dave Aude x Rolling Stone

Jun 07, 2013 - Posted in Trending

Yoko Ono’s No. 1 hit “Hold Me” with Dave Aude marks her tenth number one dance hit!
Rolling Stone featured her in their June 6th, 2013 issue.

Read the article and listen below:

EDM’S 80-Year-Old Queen
Yoko Ono Scores her 10th Number One dance hit
After celebrating her 80th birthday in February, Yoko Ono has another reason to break out the champagne: her 10th Number One dance hit. On “Hold Me” – recorded with L.A. DJ Dave Aude – Ono sings about lost love over a sleek, stomping house beat. “With John, we did something to break out from the usual rock,” Ono says. “But I didn’t know I was going to break out into dance. It’s incredible. They do a festival, and 50,000 people come!” Ono, who has more that 4 million Twitter followers, knows a thing or two about drawing a crowd. “There’s no secret!” she says. “I hope we keep creating things and giving each other smiles, you know?”